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I've been using Mapex Drums for over 10 years now, and they have never disappointed. Both the Saturn Series and Armory Series kits always sound amazing and I'm forever getting compliments from engineers and other players.


In 2020 just before the world locked down, I was offered a place on Paiste Cymbals' artist roster. The opportunity to join the Paiste family was truly an honour. An incredible company with an incredible legacy and even more incredible products, I am over the moon to be a Paiste artist.


For IEMs I use Cosmic Ears CE6P custom moulds to deliver the best sound I've ever had from a set of in ears. The clarity and sense of space they offer is really quite incredible. They have been serving me well on big and small stages and now I really wouldn't be without them.

I had always heard the Porter & Davies BC2 was an amazing piece of kit, but I was not expecting the connection with your bass drum it gives you. Whilst using IEMs, it really delivers the sensation of a high volume gig situation with safe SPLs.

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